Beach Bar

Beach Bar

Phangan Beach Resort’s Beach Bar is a haven of tranquillity, where the natural beauty of Koh Phangan meets the artistry of mixology.


With its stunning surroundings, signature cocktails, ice-cold beers, ciders and premium spirits, it offers the perfect blend of relaxation and indulgence.


Whether you’re unwinding on the beach with a cocktail in hand or exploring the island’s hidden treasures, this beachfront paradise promises an unforgettable experience that will linger in your memories long after you leave.

A truly unique and stunning beach bar experience, our south-facing beach bar offers some of the best sunsets our beautiful island has to offer, a must-try beach bar and perfect for that Insta holiday snap.


Beachfront Bliss

Phangan Beach Resort’s Beach Bar enjoys a prime location right on the island’s captivating western shoreline.


This means guests are treated to uninterrupted views of the azure Gulf of Thailand, where turquoise waters gently kiss the powdery white sand.


It’s the kind of view that makes you feel like you’ve stepped into a postcard.

Serene Seclusion

Unlike some of the island’s more bustling areas, this part of Koh Phangan offers a quieter, more serene atmosphere.


You can enjoy the peaceful sounds of waves crashing on the shore while soaking up the sun on a secluded stretch of beach.


It’s the perfect escape for couples, solo travelers, or anyone seeking solitude in paradise.

Signature Cocktails

The Beach Bar at Phangan Beach Resort prides itself on its exquisite cocktail menu, crafted by skilled mixologists.


From classics like the Mai Tai and Pina Colada to unique island-inspired creations, each sip is a delightful journey for your taste buds.


Don’t miss out on trying their “Phangan Sunset” cocktail, a mesmerizing blend of tropical fruit juices and a splash of local rum, garnished with a slice of pineapple and a maraschino cherry.

Fresh Ingredients

What sets the cocktails at Phangan Beach Resort’s Beach Bar apart is their dedication to using the freshest local ingredients.


You can taste the authenticity in every sip, as they source the finest Thai fruits and herbs to infuse into their concoctions, creating a symphony of flavors that perfectly complements the island vibe.

Premium Spirits

If cocktails aren’t your thing, fear not; the Beach Bar also boasts an impressive selection of premium spirits.


Whether you prefer a single malt Scotch, a fine-aged rum, or a smooth tequila, you’ll find it here.


The bar staff is knowledgeable and can recommend the ideal pairing for your tastes, ensuring you enjoy a top-notch experience.


360 Beach Bar View

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Beach Bar FAQ's

It’s your well-deserved holiday and it’s never wrong to sit back and enjoy a delicious tropical cocktail or an ice-cold beer a little earlier than usual while on our beautiful island, hence the reason we open our tropical beach bar from 10 am. Usually, we close not much later than 11 pm but we are always open to extended hours if the demand is there.

You lucky lucky people, our mixologists have been part of our team for many years with bags and bags of experience, our bar persons can make your tropical cocktail desires come true and we have an array of lush tasty cocktails, including all of the world-famous blends, or if you have a certain taste bud tingler you enjoy they are there to quench the thirst, with local and international beers also available at the beach bar also, we only serve our beers from our ice box, ensuring a crispy ice cold beer every time. The beach bar also offers a juice bar, slow-pressed juices to your liking, tropical fruits and vegetables, starting your day with an energy boost of vitamin SEA.

We have guest singers and entertainers at our gorgeous beach bar from time to time, please check with reception for our “let me entertain you ” nights.

The only dress code we have at the beach bar is “come with a smile, leave with a smile”, apart from that anything goes.

Adjoining our beautiful tropical beach bar is our al fresco area, which sits between our bar and beachfront restaurant, serving local and international foods, our restaurant is island famous for its high quality, well-priced foods throughout the day and night.

We at Phangan Beach Resort strive to please, there is a variety of foods, both local and international to suit all dietary requirements.

Although the beach bar is not accessible by wheelchair, our alfresco dining area and restaurant are….our staff will serve you at your table, so no worries, everybody gets to try our outstanding food and drink selection, 2023 we installed ramps into the restaurant area for ease of access.

There is as such a children’s menu at the bar, but our staff are always happy to help with your queries.

Absolutely yes, we have held many private parties at the resort, weddings, birthdays, reunions, you name it, please feel free to email us with your questions

Smoking is permitted in and around the beach bar and restaurant, all we ask is for a little courtesy towards fellow guests.

Choose Your Room Type

family villa -3
Family Villa
A stunning modern Family Villa located within steps of the ocean, direct beach and pool access.
Garden Bungalow Fan -7
Garden Bungalow Fan
Our Garden Bungalow Fan is a huge favorite with our guests who are cost conscious, nestled within our lush landscaped tropical gardens.
Garden Standard Bungalow AC -3
Garden Standard Bungalow A/C
A gorgeous traditional thai-balinese style bungalow nestled in lush tropical landscaped gardens
sea view garden bungalow AC 10
Sea View Garden Bungalow A/C
A gorgeous traditional thai-balinese style bungalow with beach and sea views, nestled in lush tropical landscaped gardens
Beach bungalow classic -9
Beach Bungalow Classic
Our Beach Bungalow Classic's are in a remarkable location with direct beach and pool access, this is a real diamond.
Beach Bungalow Wooden
An absolute gem for that beach vacation, located directly on our 200 meters of pristine beach

Our Location

Koh Phangan, Thailand’s enchanting island gem, offers a blend of natural beauty and vibrant culture that’s simply irresistible. Its world-famous Full Moon Party draws party enthusiasts from across the globe, filling the shores with music and dancing under the moonlit sky. Yet, this island is much more than just nightlife.

Discover pristine beaches like Haad Rin and Bottle Beach, where the azure waters and swaying palms create a tropical paradise. Explore lush jungles and trek to hidden waterfalls like Than Sadet for a refreshing dip. Yoga retreats and wellness centers offer tranquillity, while local markets and Thai cuisine tantalize your taste buds. Koh Phangan is a harmonious blend of adventure, relaxation, and unforgettable memories.

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